Paintings and prints:- "The grey goose" Acrylic 50" x 50"

"Grey Goose" by Wm Barth Osmundsen

Created in response to the Environmental Clean-Up of the Elizabeth River

"When the wetlands really come back, when the forests return to the Shore, when healthy fish,

clams and oysters find a home in the southern reaches of the river again, and the Sun rises off

the Atlantic in the morning to reflect itself in the serene pure waters of the Elizabeth River, our

Children and Grandchildren will know that we had them in mind."

Charles Kuralt, former host of CBS 'Sunday Morning' and 'On the Road' 

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"Surf Fisherman"


Acrylic on Canvas, 15"x 20" original

Available as a Giclee Print

"Reflections Too"


Acrylic on Canvas, 14" x 18"

Available as a Giclee Print



Acrylic on Canvas, 12" x 16"

Available as a Giclee Print

"Endeavour at Portsmouth"


Acrylic on Sea Chart, framed

"Coffee Pot Light"


Acrylic on Wood Panel, framed



Acrylic on  Canvas, 14" x 17"

Available as a Giclee Print

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