Bronzes, Americas cup 1983 defense

Official Licensee by Americas Cup Committee

My commission included;  4 Sailing Boat Motifs

'Running Twelves', 'Dueling J's', 'Shamrock-a Lipton Tribute' and 'America-1851' (not shown).  The major work is shown to your left:- 'Twelve Meter Cockpit-the Afterguard'

Running Twelves (right) Twelve Meter Cockpit-the Afterguard (below) Dueling J's (center) Shamrock-a Lipton tribute

(c) William Barth Osmundsen

Official License 1983 Defense

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Exhibition Newport

Here's Newport advertising Bronzes from the Sea Exhibition 1983

Exhibition of my America's Cup Series and the Bronzes from the Sea were held with the Sponsors of the America's Cup Race at the  America's Cup International Exposition Building in Newport Rhode Island

Under Official License of the 

America's Cup Committee

Shamrock - a Lipton Tribute

"Shamrock - a Lipton Tribute" Bronze, commissioned by the America's Cup committee 1983 Defense. William Barth Osmundsen, Sculptor

Bronze on Rosewood

Later remounted on Black Granite for Presentation to Hubert M. Tibbetts, Pres. & CEO of Lipton Tea By the Employees of Lipton Tea.

See presentation photo below

Dueling J's

"Dueling J's" Bronze by commission of the America's Cup Committee  1983 Defense, William Barth Osmundsen, Sculptor

Bronze on Teak

Private Collections 

Connecticut & Massachusetts 

shamrock a lipton tribute

Mr. & Mrs. Hubert M. Tibbetts

Presented to Hu Tibbetts  President  and CEO of  the Lipton Tea 

To The Skipper

From the Employees of Lipton Tea Co.

"Twelve Meter Cockpit - the Afterguard" by commission of the America's Cup Committee 1983 Defense. William Barth Osmundsen, Sculptor

twelve meter cockpit - the afterguard

William Barth Osmundsen Sculptor

The Twelve Meter Cockpit depicts a cut away of a 12 Meter Boat, like the ones raced in the Last Defense of the New York Yacht Club for the famous Silver Ewer.  An Ewer being a decorative pitcher.  In 1983 after having defended 'The Cup' for 131 years the United States Liberty lost to the Australia II.  Both boats competing were 12 Meter Racing Yachts. A craft which had been racing since 1958.  The 60 - 70 foot length reduced by about half the Magnificent J's that had sailed before WWII.  The 12 Meter's were far more economical to race and so they picked up the challenge for the Cup in 1958 with the 12 Meter.

The men inside the Cockpit sculpture depict the Afterguard:-  The Helmsman, Navigator and Tactician. 

 The work is approximately 5 ft in length overall and over 200 lbs. 

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